4 5 1 2 ELEVATION (m)08.5817.1525.7334.3142.881119149218652238
Start Elevation
1879 m
Max Elevation
2492 m
2039 m
Climbs on Route

Climb Details

Rating Start/End Points Length Start/End Elevation Avg Grade
Cat 4 0.10 km/2.51 km 2.41 km 1,879 m/2,010 m 5.5%
Cat 5 8.93 km/10.54 km 1.61 km 1,544 m/1,597 m 3.3%
Cat 1 15.55 km/27.70 km 12.14 km 1,420 m/2,107 m 5.7%
Cat 2 29.90 km/36.93 km 7.02 km 2,000 m/2,438 m 6.2%

The Full Marathon course covers a distance of 42.195 Kilometers. Starting and ending at the Tenggerese village of Wonokitri, runners circle several villages along the Tengger Caldera, immersing themselves in the beautiful landscapes, serene temples and unique Tenggerese communities along the way.

The course also provides a diversity of terrain with half the route on paved road, and half on dirt trail. Incorporating several hills throughout the run, elevations vary from 1400m to 2400m. We at the Bromo Marathon like a good challenge!

Departing from Wonokitri, runners begin the first stretch of the race off-road, running along the beautiful hills of the Tengger to the small village of Podokoyo where the route meets paved road. Here they continue downhill to the village of Tosari where lies a beautiful Hindu temple. From Tosari, the runners will go off-road again, exploring the many beautiful green hills of the Tengger’s backyard before arriving at the village of Ngadiwono where they will climb the main road to the village of Mororojo. Following the turn around at Mororojo, runners will continue to the village of Ngawu where lies another beautiful Hindu temple.

Moving out of Ngawu, a gradual climb begins, winding through dirt trails encapsulated by forest. Emerging from the forest, the trail thins out onto the caldera rim offering expansive breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape as they venture through the side peaks of the park. Runners continue along the rim to Dinglik Viewpoint where they again meet paved road as the course climbs to an absolute spectacular view of Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park. Making their way down from Dinglik, runners follow the winding paved streets along the sides of rolling hills to Wonokitri where they will finish the course for a total distance of 42.195 km.