Welcoming Teras Bromo For 2017 Pasuruan Bromo Marathon

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August 10, 2018

It’ s a great place for our venue in 2017 Pasuruan Bromo Marathon.

Teras Bromo presents a new level of dining experience for the extraordinary destination of Mount Bromo. Located in the area known for its unique agriculture, Teras Bromo offers a selection of casual Indonesian – Asian food on the basis of using locally grown ingredients.

Teras Bromo distinguishes itself with its countryside-themed architecture and Plataran hospitality, delivering an unforgettable dining experience and a moment to appreciate the beauty of nature. Teras Bromo itself stands as a destination in the area with its Plataran Hill Sunset Point where guests can catch the daily golden sunset, additional unique experience to the famous enthralling Mt. Bromo exploration and sunrise point.With a professional jeep checkpoint facility available on-site, travellers can either unwind or prepare for their adventurous journey while dining with a sublime view.

more info about Teras Bromo please visit : http://plataran.com/teras-bromo/

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