How To Train Steady Run

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This type of steady run exercise is a good way to build aerobic strength, which is the foundation of a runner’s performance. In terms of speed, steady run is carried out between 10 seconds faster or 30 seconds slower than marathon speed.   

Advantages of Steady Run

Running at steady pace maximizes the development of the aerobic threshold – that is, the fastest speed at which we can still run while maintaining an aerobic state, where muscles still have oxygen to produce energy). Increasing the aerobic threshold is important because the aerobic system provides 85% of the energy needed to run as far as 5K and above. The better a person’s aerobic system, in the long run he will be able to run faster.

How Steady Run Feels

Steady run should feel a bit difficult or “comfortably hard”. That is, even though it doesn’t feel easy, you will be able to maintain that speed for at least 1 hour. Because each runner has their own standards of “comfortably hard” feeling, you can monitor the breathing rhythm to get a better understanding of the feelings produced by steady run. Steady runs are usually done with a 3: 3 breathing rhythm (3 steps – 1 step with your left foot, 1 step with your right foot, 1 step with your left foot – while inhaling; 3 steps – 1 step with your left foot, 1 step with your right foot , 1 step with your left foot – while exhaling). Rhythm 3: 3 gives us the opportunity to do 30 breaths per minute – the frequency needed to be “comfortably hard”.

Talk Test 

An easy way to find out steady pace is to talk when running. If we are still able to say 3-4 short sentences, it means we are running at steady pace. But if we can only issue 1-2 sentences before they run out of breath, that means we run too hard.

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