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August 10, 2018
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August 10, 2018

Tempo run is the main type of training for many training programs and conducting this session with the right level of effort is an important step to attract the most profits. In terms of speed, tempo run is usually done with half marathon speed.

Tempo Run advantage

Tempo run or lactate threshold run is an exercise where we run at top speed where we can still run without producing extra lactic acid that the body can use to process and produce energy.
The body can only recycle lactic acid to a certain amount of energy before lactation floods our system and produces a feeling of fatigue. In order to run faster, we must teach the body to get rid of lactation more efficiently.
By running under the lactate threshold we will be able to improve the speed at which the body starts producing too much lactic acid. This will support us to run faster and farther before the amount of lactation becomes too much to throw away.

But running too fast or too slow when practicing run tempo will eliminate the benefits we are trying to achieve. Running too fast will make the body produce lactation too quickly; or the body produces less because we run too slowly. Therefore, it is important to know the sense of tempo.


How Tempo Run Feels

Tempo runs must be difficult, but controlled (“hard, but controlled effort”). We will be able to run at this speed for 30-45 minutes.
Tempo runs are usually done with a 2: 2 breathing rhythm (2 steps – 1 step with your left foot, 1 step with your right foot – while inhaling; 2 steps – 1 step with your left foot, 1 step with your right foot – while exhaling). Rhythm 2: 2 gives us the opportunity to do 45 breaths per minute.

Talking Test

When practicing run tempo, we will be able to say 1-2 sentences, but cannot say 1 full paragraph.

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