Important Points For Runners

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August 10, 2018
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August 22, 2018

Warming-up and Cooling

Get used to walking or jogging for at least 5 minutes before and after running. Running without heating can increase the risk of injury because the muscles are not ready for strenuous activity. Just like the importance of heating, after running, you should not stop completely and sit down. Cool down and stretch to help the muscles recover. When cooling, wear a jacket or change dry shirt to prevent colds.

How to run?

Mastering good running techniques can reduce feelings of fatigue, reduce the risk of injury, and make running activities more enjoyable. For early runners try to land in the middle of the foot (midfoot strike) – avoid landing on the heel (heel strike), the foot should land with the position below your hips, not on the front of the body.


It is important to have enough energy as fuel when running but determining what should be consumed is sometimes confusing. The general rule is to avoid heavy eating 2 hours before running and snacks 30 minutes to 1 hour before running. Your body must focus on muscle work, not on digestion. Snacks like one banana about 15 minutes before running are more appropriate choices.
For hydration, make sure you consume enough amount of water throughout the day – not just when you want to run. Some people feel comfortable with running while carrying a bottle of drinking water. If you feel thirsty, drink.
But like other things, consumption of hydration should also not be done excessively.

It’s time to run

For the initial runners each run session should not exceed 30 minutes duration, 3 times a week. This frequency is a general recommendation from many studies on the intensity of exercise needed to achieve optimal fitness levels.
Give one or two days of rest between the days you run. The body needs a period of rest to recover from activity and provides an opportunity for bones and organs to develop stronger. Don’t think too much about speed. Speed ​​will increase in time when your bones are stronger and your fitness is higher.

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