Welcoming Lois as The Apparel Partner of Bromo Marathon 2018

Welcoming Warta Bromo as The Media Partner of Bromo Marathon 2018
August 22, 2018
Welcoming BNI Bank as The Official Partner and Insurance of Bromo Marathon 2018
August 22, 2018

LOIS’s history began in the 50s, when two brothers from Valencia, Spain started a clothing business. The new LOIS brand was born in 1962, which was originally known as a jeans brand for the working class, but shortly afterwards LOIS Jeans, under the auspices of the garment company Saez Moreno Group, developed as a highly regarded European brand.

Outside Spain, England and France are two European countries where the LOIS brand is well known and popular. In the two fashion center countries, LOIS proved its quality as European jeans that could be a product choice that is not inferior to American brand jeans. Not only producing jeans, LOIS always develops its product line, with a variety of design choices and fashion product models to answer the challenges and needs of the world market.

Please visit https://loisjeans.id ,for more information.

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