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August 23, 2018
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March 25, 2019
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   If you haven’t known running for a long time and have participated in several competitions, completing 5K is certainly not a problem. But to cross the finish line with a faster time is a new challenge.
So how do you increase speed? Generally runners practice on the same route or use a treadmill at the same speed every day, so they only use the same muscles. In order to familiarize the body to start running faster, muscle memory requires new stimulation: speed work exercises.
There are many types of speed work exercises, people who have long pursued running sports can create themselves and create their own unique formulas. One example of speed work that has been known in general and is often a mandatory training menu for many runners is tempo runs.
Temporal running or tempo runs is an intense run flanked by two relaxed running sessions as heating and cooling. Run for 10 minutes with low intensity, continue with the speed where you begin to feel a little challenged for 20 minutes. Close the exercise with 10 minutes of light running. You can increase the duration and intensity of the exercise slowly in the next training sessions.

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