Half Marathon



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Start Elevation
1766 m
Max Elevation
2469 m
992 m
Climbs on Route

Bromo Half Marathon course covers a distance of 21.097 Kilometers, starting and ending at the Tengger village of Tosari. This course immerses runners in the beautiful scenery, tranquil temples, and the unique community of Tengger along the way.

This course also provides the diversity of the region with half the route on paved roads, and half of the dirt trail. Combining several hills around the run, altitude varies from 1900m to 2400m.

Departing from Tosari, runners start the first stretch of the race off-road, along the beautiful hills of Tengger to the small village where Podokoyo meet these paved roads. Here they continue through the greenery of the hill to the village Mororejo. After turning in Mororejo, runners will continue Ngawu village where lies another beautiful Hindu temple.

Moving from Ngawu, rising gradually starts, winding through the packed dirt road by the forest. Emerging from the forest, thinning way to the edge of the caldera offering extensive views of the surrounding landscape as they venture through the top side of the park. Runners continue along the edges to Dinglik Viewpoint where they meet again paved road as the course rose to a spectacular view of the absolute Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park. Making their way down from Dinglik, runners follow the paved roads are winding and before reaching the finish, runners will pass through a traditional market which is certainly typical perch as the economic center of the citizens, after the runners entered the finish mark has a distance of 21 097 km.