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Start Elevation
1758 m
Max Elevation
2469 m
2113 m
Climbs on Route

Full Marathon covers a distance of 42.195 Kilometers.

Begins and ends in the village Tosari Tengger, runners will rotate in several villages along the Tengger mountains, immerse yourself in the beautiful scenery, quiet temples and unique Tengger people along the way.

This service also provides a diversity of trails in the area with half the route on paved roads, and a half-track mountain trail. Combining several hills along the track and the altitude varies from 1400m to 2400m.

Departing from the starting point in the village Tosari, adventure runners to conquer the track at Bromo marathon began. The first track is going through the asphalt road which will pass through the village down to the region settlement Tosari small Tengger people and then entered in the Jetak-Sunogiri and where the runners will meet with the typical steep mountainous dirt road, after struggling with the terrain trail runners will enter Banyumeneng the village to treat agricultural land Tengger community. They then proceeded to the village Ngadiwono and re-entered the paved road on the slopes of the mountain with views of the vast landscape and continue to the village Mororejo, rotating in the village and the entrance to the village Mororejo Ngawu.

Moving from Ngawu, rising gradually starts, winding through a dirt road in the forest. out of the woods, the road to the edge of the caldera offering extensive views of the surrounding landscape as they ran through the top side of the park. Runners continue along the edges to Dinglik Viewpoint where they meet again paved the way for the course up to the spectacular view of the absolute Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park. Making their way down from Dinglik, runners follow the paved roads winding along the side of the hills to Wonokitri and returned to the village Tosari to end the race, they will finish the track for a total distance of 42.195 km.