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Every year, since 2013, over 1600 runners and 5,000 spectators from over 40 different countries swarmed to the tiny, isolated mountain village of Tosari and Ngadiwono to take part in the first annual Bromo Marathon – racing for the advancement of education in rural Indonesia’s Tengger region.

Long ago, the super volcano Mt. Tengger embodied the center of this region, boasting a diameter of over 9 kilometers. Today what remains is a large volcanic crater, the Tengger Caldera, and within it five small mountain peaks. Surrounding the peaks, a sea of sand stretches throughout the basin, leading up to green crater walls rising up to 600 meters for spectacular views of the surrounding area.

Mt. Bromo can be found in the center of the crater, its peak long since torn away in a large eruption. A steaming crater hole, it remains active, and is one of East Java’s most visited sites as well as one of Indonesia’s most treasured natural wonders.

The Bromo Marathon, a race circling the villages surrounding the ancient Tengger Caldera not only offers breathtaking views of unique landscapes but also offers the opportunity to observe one of Indonesian’s most unique cultures, the Tenggerese. Strung throughout the mountains within a collection of villages scattering the hills, the Tengger people present several unique communities descendant of the Hindu Majapahit Kingdom.







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