Location and venue of Bromo Marathon 2024

Bromo Mountain in East Java, Indonesia, is a spectacular sight. This active volcano is part of the Tengger massif and is deeply respected by the local Tenggerese community. It's a place where stunning natural beauty meets rich cultural heritage.

Here, the Annual Bromo Marathon unfolds - a race that is more than just a test of endurance. It's an adventure that weaves through breathtaking sceneries, from verdant hills to misty calderas, presenting a unique challenge to runners worldwide.

The focal point of this exhilarating event is the Plataran Bromo, where both the start and finish lines are located. This area, known for its serene beauty and panoramic views, provides a perfect backdrop for the beginning and end of the marathon. Participants can expect a vibrant atmosphere, surrounded by the stunning landscape of Bromo, making their race experience truly unforgettable.